How To Teach A Kitten Not To Bite?

When a kitten bites, it’s usually because he thinks you mean to be affectionate. He’s not trying to harm you. It’s his way of saying “I love you, Mom! I want to be petted and touched! Hurry up and do that!”

How can we help send this message? We can teach him what we mean when we say things like “No biting please! No scratching on the furniture please! Don’t jump on people or knock them down in play time please don’t bite us!” Then, when he does start biting for no reason at all, instead of getting upset with him (as a method) simply ignore it until he stops doing it…after about 30 seconds. That’s enough time for his brain to realize “hey wait a second..they aren’t going after me anymore so I guess they aren’t going after them…” When our cats stop being afraid of everything – including us – then they’ll learn that humans are trustworthy again too 🙂