How To Teach A Kitten Not To Climb Or Jump On Desks Or Furniture?

My 5 year old cat has been climbing onto the bed and jumping on my husband. We have tried everything from putting a pillow under him to put those things you make for rabbits at front door, but he is still getting up on our beds. Any ideas? Thank you!

A: It sounds like your little guy is in need of some professional help, not just with the climbing but also with his separation anxiety that may be causing issues when he’s left alone. The best way to get rid of this behavior is through desensitization training which involves slowly exposing your cat to scary stimuli while rewarding him with treats when he exhibits calm behavior toward it (i.e., sitting calmly next to it or even licking its feet). You can find more about how these sessions are conducted in my book “Cats 101”. I hope this helps! If you have any other questions regarding kitten care, please feel free to ask them here. Good luck!

Q: My kitten sleeps upside down frequently – what can I do for her if she gets stuck upside down? How long will she stay there? What are signs that she’s okay after she falls asleep/stuck upside-down?

We noticed one day that Millie was sleeping right side up and then all of a sudden started sleeping upside down frequently…at first we were concerned because we didn’t know why..then today she fell very hard off her perch–she was fine though–just couldn’t