How To Teach Kitten Not To Bite Hard?

Kitten chewing on everything in sight, she bites anything that moves or makes noise. She’s chewed up all the toys I’ve given her. What should I do?

A: It sounds like your kitten is showing signs of separation anxiety and possibly even some obsessive compulsive behaviors. Separation anxiety can be caused by a number of things – moving across state lines to another home, being adopted or relinquished at the local animal shelter, etc., but it may also stem from something very simple such as leaving one person in charge of an entire family while they are away for work or school. These are often referred to as “stray” cats because they have no owners when found by someone with time on their hands who has decided to take them in temporarily until their original owner gets back. If this is indeed the case with your new best friend then you need to find out how long he has been alone before bringing him into your house so that he does not become immersed with fear when his people return home again! Training sessions will help quickly get any cats used to strangers and unfamiliar noises around them so that there won’t be any negative reactions when you introduce him to other pets in the household including dogs too since they have fears about unknown situations just like kittens!

There are many ways both indoor and outdoor training techniques can be employed in order for these feline converts (and their humans!) not only learn what is acceptable behavior but also gain enough confidence inside safe environments where