How To Teach Your Kitten Not To Bite?

There are several things you can do to teach your kitten not to bite. First, make sure that you have a way of keeping them from biting in the first place. For example, if your kitten bites through its leash or collar it may be time for a new one. This will keep the cat from being able to get out and hurt someone else when they don’t want it to!

Another thing that you can try is putting down some baby gates at strategic places around the house. If there are areas where your cat likes to go but doesn’t know how dangerous these areas might be, this could work wonders! Also remember that most cats love climbing so make sure there aren’t any stairs nearby for him!

You also need to make sure that whatever room he is in has no small items or toys available which he could find irresistible when he wants something else (like treats). Make his environment as safe as possible by making sure all windows close properly and remove anything from within reach that he could chew on such as bookshelves themselves or curtains etc.. You should also take away children’s toys if they aren’t safe which is entirely up you what kind of pets you decide on bringing into your home with little ones running about. And lastly, ensure no young children enter the area unless supervised by an adult – another good reason why dog beds should always be put away before babies come along!

2) What NOT To Do When Training A Kitten Not