How To Teach Your Kitten To Scratch His Post, Not Your Furniture Catster?

If so, you can use the same technique with your kitten. You’ll need an old piece of cardboard that is long enough to sit on the floor. Put some catnip on it and let him roll around on it for a while, then put his favorite toy or treat right at one end of the board. When he goes over there to play with his toy or fish out his treat, gently nudge him forward until he touches the post at one end of the board. This will give him practice in getting off furniture without hurting himself rather than trying to lunge out from under your furniture where he might tumble down and injure himself further.

If you are using this trick indoors only, keep an eye on your kitten’s progress as often as you have time throughout each day because there are many things that can go wrong if cats aren’t supervised closely during these early stages since they may be climbing too high for their own good, causing them to fall even though they think they’re just playing with their toys! And don’t forget about keeping sharp objects away from kitties who are learning new tricks! Also supervise any kittens’ friends who come over – if another young cat comes along and climbs up onto your rocker she could feel stuck there accidentally…and get hurt!

Here is yet another idea: If you want a family member such as a child or grandchild (or both!) to learn how to hold onto something securely when scratching posts arrive in stores when shopping