How To Teach Your Kitten To Use The Litter Box?

There are two common methods for teaching your kitten to use the litter box:

1. Ignore It and Do Nothing — This method works in most cases, but not every case! If you decide NOT to clean up after your kitten when she leaves a mess in her litter box, then they won’t get used to the concept of cleaning up their messes themselves. Also, if you don’t control when they’re allowed out of their litter boxes (such as when it’s time for them to eat or play), they may develop “out-of-control” habits like urinating and pooping wherever they please, which is normal behavior for kittens under six months old. However, with some patience and consistency on your part over a period of weeks until about nine months old (or sometimes even later!), this method can often be successful at teaching your kitten that he/she must do his/her business only inside his/her own litter box.

2. Cleaning Up Their Messes — This method is by far more effective than the first one; however, it does require some commitment from both you AND your cat during training times! Each day after feeding him/her breakfast or dinner , put the food dish back where it was before . Then sit down next to him while he eats just long enough so that he understands that all other areas are off limits except right there in front of you while eating . When finished eating , pick up any remaining food scraps straight away without