How To Tell A Female Kitten From A Male Kitten?

Female kittens are smaller and weigh less than male kittens. They also have a more delicate coat, with the color of their coats varying from pure white to black and browns. Female cats can be identified by their reproductive organs – these will appear as two bumps on top of their urethra (the urine passageway) called “testicular prostheses” or “bumpies” which have been formed by hormones associated with pregnancy. Male cats do not have this feature yet develop it during puberty. At birth, female cats will carry a single thick hair follicle that goes right through her vulva to her cloaca (a hole located in the belly). It is then shed after about 2-3 weeks, at which point she should start going into estrus.[8] When she does so, you may see large amounts of vaginal discharge forming puddles around her vagina lengthening it considerably; this is due to increased blood flow caused by sexual arousal.[9] If you wish to breed your cat there are several methods available including spaying or neutering or breeding for linebreeding purposes only (such as Siamese/Burmese crosses).[10][11][12][13] Most people choose one option over another depending on what they prioritize: cost versus health risks, convenience versus production levels etc..

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