How To Tell A Kitten Age?

a new kitten is about 8 weeks old. some will say 8 weeks, others 10 or 12. but they can tell you when your kittens are born on the day of their birth.

Q: What should i feed my kitty?

A: Until your vet gives you specific instructions for what to feed them, just use the same formula that’s in the original bag (available at any pet store). If you want more details on feeding a kitten , here is an article…the main thing to remember is not to overfeed them..they only need one extra good meal each day and then two or three small meals per day (they do NOT need mealtimes like we humans do)….and don’t be too concerned if they refuse food at first; it takes time for them to get used to eating solid foods….you will notice that by six months of age most cats end up eating like little birds!

Q: How many times am I supposed to change my cat’s litter box? A: There really isn’t a set number of times it needs changing — however, every time after she has been using her box for a while, clean out her box so she doesn’t have an accident inside…sometimes this seems as though the “mess” has already been cleaned away from where she urinated/pissed before being changed into another spot in order that no one would know her particular spot was now contaminated with urine! This also helps