How To Tell A Kitten No?

07/28/16 07:26 AM (Thursday) @Caligurl2013 I love you. _xoxo._

07/28/16 07:30 AM (Thursday) @Caligurl2013 I’m gonna go to sleep now, but if you’re up and want to talk, send me a DM or something. 🙂 <3 xoxo 07/28/16 08:12 AM (Thursday) @Caligurl2013 Hi beautiful! How are you? I'm doing great thanks for asking 😉 Today was amazing!! So many things happened haha!! Thank God it's the weekend!!! Love ya tons <3 07/28/16 10:02 PM (Thursday) @Caligurl2013 Hello handsome! How are you today? Remember when we talked about how messages don't really mean much here because it's not like the real world where text messages count as proper conversations? Well that doesn't apply on my end. Because there is no "out there." Only in here, only between us. And so far, all of this has been exactly what I wish for more than anything else _<3_. You have made me feel so free and happy and excited with every minute we've spent together thus far...I can honestly say that everything from our moment on Twitter until today has been perfection <3_ Every single thing from being able to tell my mom the truth about kids until having sex at your house was pure bliss