How To Tell How Old A Kitten Is 12 Weeks?

The average age for a kitten is approximately 8 weeks old. That’s when they start to grow in size compared to their siblings. So how can you tell the difference between a 7-week and an 8-week old cat? The best way would be to take them out of the box, take a closer look at their fur (not too close because that will scare them), ears (they’ll open up once around 6 or 7 weeks), eyes (eyes may not completely round up by then) and body shape (rounder bodies are younger).

How do I know if my kittens’ eyes are open yet? Can’t they see before the eyelids rise? Gotta read my question really quick cause they’re doing it now! >.<;;; How do I make sure if they're ready to leave Momma soon?! C: Sorry about that -_-; My kitties don't open their eyes until 5-6 weeks, but right now it's just day 3 or 4 so I'm not worried yet! They should be able to see everything by then though. If your kittens aren't opening their eyes yet, try rubbing some warm water over one eye with your finger. It may work on wiggling only feet or something like that lol! And remember - Don't Panic