How To Tell How Old Your Kitten Is?

When a kitten is born, it will have an umbilical cord that attaches to its belly. When this cord dries up after about 2 weeks or so, it’s time for your veterinarian to check on the health of the kitten and determine when you’re able to bring her home from the shelter.

How do I take care of my newborn kitten?

One thing you want to make sure before bringing your new kitten home is a good place for her to be while she’s still in her mother’s care. If there are no other kittens at the facility where you found your sister, consider placing a towel around her with a bowl underneath so she has something soft and warm to snuggle into instead of being all alone in what can feel like very small quarters if she doesn’t get used too early on. If there are any adult cats already living there, they may not take kindly towards this young newcomer just yet!