How To Tell If A Kitten Boy Or Girl?

– How can i tell if my kitten is a boy or girl?

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What are some ways to tell male and female kittens apart in 2 months? – Male and female cats for sale near me that will give birth when she gets older how could i find out what they are.i dont save them in cages like any little animal stuff does

How do you know the cat is pregnant if it wont go into heat after 3 months? – Cat not going into heat after 3-4 months pregnant can someone help me.her name is apple white shes 7 years young..she has had two litters before this one but both times were with other cats, when her last litter was born (2 yers ago) she went missing, we found her under our shed where i keep my tools there where no animals live, since then she just eats/sleeps alot … read more Anna Vocational, Technical or Trade Scho 1 satisfied customers