How To Tell If A Kitten Is A Boy Or A Girl?

If it’s a boy, he’ll have hair all over his body. If you pet him on the back or any other place with hair, he will stand up and try to scratch you like this:

But really that doesn’t even look like a cat! What is happening here? Well, cats are very sensitive to touch; they can feel pain by touching something (and if they’re ticklish). So when you pet one of them too hard, the kitten might get scared out of his wits. So don’t do that! Just stroke your cat lightly on the head instead. There are some kittens who won’t react at all; in which case their fur is short because they haven’t grown enough yet. But most kittens feel pain when touched too closely on their soft spots — especially between the ears and behind the eyes. Their necks are covered in long fur so they can hide themselves there but still be able to breathe easily while being handled roughly.

How did my kitten get its name? How did my kitten get its name?

Kittens usually have two names: The first one is called “kitten” or “baby”, depending on how old your baby is (they generally aren’t named until 4-6 weeks). The second one is called either “boy” or “girl”. This may sound arbitrary but it’s actually quite logical since humans tend towards assigning genders based on how things look — for example boys grow penis-like appendages whereas