How To Tell If A Kitten Is A Boy Or Girl At 2 Weeks?

Both girls and boys can be born with a pink external genitalia, but they may not always look like the pictures of boy kittens. Female kittens usually appear to have an extra “lump” or “puffy” genitalia (the shape is more triangular than round). Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if a kitten is male or female at this age. The best way to determine gender in young cats is by ultrasound, which will help you determine if your cat has testes and produce sperm and if she has ovaries that develop into eggs (follicles) for future use. You may also want to take your kitten’s temperature on her forehead — newborns have higher temperatures because their bodies are searching for heat from their mother. If your kitten does not show any sign of being pregnant when you first bring him home, he probably isn’t pregnant right now!