How To Tell If A Kitten Is A Girl Or Boy?

if a kitten is young and its back legs are not very strong, it will probably only be able to crawl around on the carpet. A kitten can walk fairly soon after being born, but they won’t really know how to move any other way until they have been handled a few times. They don’t usually start walking when they’re about ten days old or so – that’s when their bodies learn balance and coordination.

If a kitten has just started crawling you can tell by watching them if it has two front paws or four front paws (like people do). The pattern of hair on the front paws is different for each gender; males tend to have hair growing outwards from the pads rather than inwards like females do. Males also get bigger toes than females do at this age; although this doesn’t mean that all males get big toes! The claws will grow too long before the feet themselves stop changing shape (around five weeks). Before then, you could try testing if your cat knows what paw goes where with some tin cans or something similar: put one tin-can flat side down in front of your cat’s nose; let him sniff it carefully; turn over another one upside down beside it so he sees both at once; let him smell both together again…and take his choice as to which was real!