How To Tell If A Kitten Is A Male Or Female?

okay i have a problem. my son is going to get his first kitten. we live in an apartment and the kittens need to be indoor cats. Do you guys think that they will make good housecats or do you think it would be better for them if they were brought up as outdoor cats? there are no other pets living with us so the only thing he could recommend me on getting was a cat, but maybe i should go out and look for a dog instead…

Trish: I’m not sure about this one – what kind of place did you say your apartment was? It’s possible that having another pet take care of things, such as food/water bowls etc can help keep down any potential messiness. As long as all the litter boxes are cleaned regularly there shouldn’t be too much smell from urine or faeces from being outside! If indoor then just try to find out how much exercise it needs daily (a short walk once a day) and see how easy it is for him/her to get through doors/windows etc… While I guess this might not work very well indoors because noise may scare her, she’d probably love being able to wake up at 7am every morning!

Julianne: Maybe look into an agility class – they’re great fun and really give your cat some extra confidence (if that’s something that concerns you). You can also check out our pawrental section where we talk about training tricks like jumping