How To Tell If A Kitten Is Boy Or Girl?

how to tell if a kitten is boy or girl?

How do you know if your kitten is a boy or girl? Let’s go over the typical characteristics of cats and kittens. Cats: Male and female cats look alike, but male cats have beards and chins whereas females don’t. Kittens: Kittens will develop pastel-colored “mirror” flecks on their faces as they age. You can also check kittens for testicles — they’ll usually appear near the anus, although this isn’t always the case (see below). Adult Cats: When an adult cat reaches 1 year old, all of its babies should be full grown adults with no longer regard them as kittens! Cat Sexing Tips • They won’t show any signs that there are babies in heat until about 1 week after mating has occurred – which means it could take up to 3 weeks before you start seeing pregnant kitties around! • The only way to determine whether a cat is male or female is by checking their genitalia – not possible with neutered animals unless they’ve been fixed at birth Determining Female Kitties • If she doesn’t seem pregnant then estimate her size based on how many times she goes into estrus each month (estrus = when females release eggs from ovaries) – 4-6 times per season = approximately 6 months between litters Unless she’s been spayed *before* her first cycle begins, she’ll become pregnant again within a few days