How To Tell If A Kitten Is Going To Be A Lap Cat?

my 2 kittens are fighting over me while i am sleeping on my bed. it started when the one was trying to jump on my chest while i am sleeping and chasing its brother around but all of a sudden he turned around and started biting his brother’s neck!the other kitten didn’t know what happened at first, then he ran away by jumping off the table… it seems like they don’t want to fight anymore? help please!!!!!! :/

why do cats love hammocks so much?

I have three cat brothers who absolutely LOVE their hammock. They can be found in them for hours on end, lounging lazily or sitting upright with their tails curled up eagerly waiting for someone (me) to come get them out. Is this some kind of innate instinct that I should try to mimic or is there something else going on here? Any experts want to share your thoughts about this?! Thanks! Sarah Leeds UK