How To Tell If A Kitten Is Hungry?

by sarah


I have a two year old kitten. I recently adopted her from the animal shelter, and she’s been eating baby food for breakfast and dinner. She seems to be getting bigger but still looks like a kitten – how do you know if your cat is going through growth spurts?What should I watch for?Answer by KatePlease ask a vet or an owner of cats in general what they think about kittens that eat mostly only one type of food during the day…it doesn’t mean anything since most will grow out of it when they are older! It could just be laziness on their behalf! If it continues after age 2 then please take them in to see a vet because there could be issues with nutrition or health related things. You may also want to try mixing up the types of foods each day so that your kitty has more variety….and help prevent stomach upset since some foods can give tummy troubles sometimes if eaten too much in one sitting..good luck