How To Tell If A Kitten Is Long Haired?

Long haired cats are nocturnal, and hunting by night. By day they typically stay inside or under a canopy of overhanging foliage to keep cool. They may also go into the attic for shade during the summer months. If you have a long haired cat who likes to sit out in your garden all day it is because he/she enjoys being outside at this time of year – but make sure that the area is well shaded from direct sunlight as this can cause overheating and sunburn! Long haired cats tend not to do well with very cold temperatures, so plan accordingly if you live where winter nights can dip below freezing point.

Wherever possible long haired cats should be kept indoors during cold weather periods, especially from November until March when winter nights can drop below zero degrees Fahrenheit! This will avoid any health problems caused by frostbite or other extreme temperature changes. However there are some situations where an indoor only lifestyle isn’t practical: