How To Tell If A Kitten Is Overweight?

One of the most common questions I get for cat care tips is “how do you tell if your kitten is overweight?” When kittens are young, there’s no easy way to watch their weight. You can use a scale or tape measure to see how much they’re eating. If they seem overfed, then chances are that they’re not healthy and will suffer health problems later on in life (or even die). However, don’t give up! Many cats go through growth spurts where it may look like they’ve grown too fast or heavier than usual – but it’s normal! Try these tricks:

Feed them more often – make sure you feed them at least every 8 hours. Also feed less per meal so that when you do have bigger meals, your kitty doesn’t feel hungry all the time or overeat because she thinks she has to eat more food in one sitting! Make sure their food bowl always has water in it – sometimes kitties won’t drink enough water from dry food alone so this trick helps keep them hydrated even when feeding dry food. Don’t leave any extra treats around- try not to let treats be an everyday thing for kitties…it’ll only confuse their brain about what needs to be eaten and how often…regularly feeding treats isn’t good either since many end up overeating because of habit instead of hunger. Keep training sessions short and regular throughout the day- some people think that keeping kitties inside all day with