How To Tell If A Kitten Will Have Long Hair?

You can tell when a kitten is not long-haired by looking at its coat. If it has short, silky fur with no undercoat, it’s probably going to have very little or no hair down the back of its legs. Long-haired kittens are born with longer fur that grows out in layers. This makes them look like they’re wearing a plush pelt over their bodies!

How do you groom your cat?

Grooming is important for cats because they shed their coats twice during life — once in spring and again in fall/winter after about two months of age (when we recommend getting started). Most people say that brushing your cat daily helps keep the shedding under control and also removes dead hair from the coat, thus reducing matting and general grooming time needed. We suggest doing this as soon as possible after getting your new kitten home (about 3 weeks), but if you think he needs his first brush sooner than this, go ahead and get him used to having his nails trimmed before starting any other kind of routine training or grooming session on him at all!