How To Tell If A Newborn Kitten Is Dying?

A cat’s normal body temperature is between 101.5 and 102 degrees Farenheit, but it will vary depending on the individual animal. The exact body temperatures of cats are so close to each other that they can be used as a standard of measurement by human physicians for infants or dogs who have not yet reached adulthood. If your newborn kitten has low-grade fever — which could mean anything from slight feverishness to an actual 103 degree F reading — you should take him or her right over to the vet immediately.

Other symptoms include difficulty breathing, difficulty eating or drinking, lethargy , vomiting , diarrhea or bloody diarrhea . These symptoms all suggest some sort of internal problem with your kitten’s health; always consult your veterinarian if any one (or several) of these symptoms appear in conjunction with each other after birth. A vet can usually determine whether there is something seriously wrong based on the history you provide about what happened before he was born and how long he has been sick since then; often times results are apparent within 24 hours of arrival at the clinic (and sometimes even sooner).