How To Tell If A Newborn Kitten Is Male Or Female?

One of the most common questions asked by new kitten owners is, “how can I tell if my kitten is a boy or girl?” This question might seem simple and easy to answer, but for many people it’s true that they may never get that one right. We all want our kittens to be healthy and happy little creatures so we care about how to determine whether they are male or female. But before you start worrying about everything from limp penis syndrome (LPS) to uterine infection, let’s take a look at the basics on how to tell if your cat is male or female.

Male Cats: All cats have an average length of 9-10 weeks old when they reach sexual maturity; some mature earlier while some develop later depending on genetics and diet among other things. A cat will become sexually mature once their testes (or balls) start producing testosterone in order for them to produce sperm which then nourishes eggs in the womb during pregnancy/lactation cycles. The testes fully develop around 5 months of age; however there may be instances where younger cats may make it through puberty without showing signs such as spraying urine outside of their litter box (urinating against objects). These young kittens often show no interest in mating with females nor do any males come into heat until after 6 months of age when they’ve reached full maturity along with being neutered/spayed prior at 10 weeks old or older(please see our article about neutering here). Male cats generally