How To Tell If Its A Boy Or Girl Kitten?

There are a few things that you can look for to determine if the kitten is male or female. The sex of the kitten will be determined when it matures and develops its sexual characteristics, which can take up to six months in older cats. You should not make any kind of assumptions about the gender of your kittens until they reach this age, as newborn kittens do not have obvious sexual characteristics such as nipples.

The easiest way to tell if a cat is male or female is by their genitalia: males have two scrotal sacs (testicles) and females only one; in both genders there is a visible anus but none in females and just one each in males and females respectively; and no mammary glands (breast). Other clues include whether or not there are hairs on their face – tailless animals usually don’t grow facial hair – what colour eyes they have, how long their claws are like cat toys for boys, etc… But often times these clues aren’t clear cut so it’s best to wait until your kitten reaches puberty before drawing conclusions!

How do I know my new pet needs vaccinations?

Most vets recommend that all pets receive vaccines against distemper virus, parvovirus B19 (also called kitty herpes), calicivirus (which causes upper respiratory disease), rhinotracheitis (also known as “kitten cold”) , rabies virus [for dogs] ,