How To Tell If Kitten Has Fleas?

I have a 3 year old female cat. I noticed that she was lethargic and began to feel her head and it appeared very hot. She had fleas so I purchased your product to treat them… at the same time, my sister purchased another dog who has been infested with fleas since last month. My brother told me that he tried PetArmor on his dog and within 2 days the biting stopped completely! He used other products but none worked as well as PetArmor did for him! Now we can sleep without getting bitten at night because our pet is protected from these nasty little pests!! Thanks for making such a great product!!!

Pet Armor Flea Treatment kills 100% of adult fleas within 24 hours while preventing further infestation by killing eggs, larvae & pupae (flea life cycle). The active ingredients in Pet Armor are Carboxenimide; Imidacloprid; Permethrin (0.6%).

How do you get rid of fleas? Do they make their own home? Where do they like to live?

Flea eggs hatch into larvae which develop into adults over a period of 1-2 weeks depending upon temperature conditions; lonley or crowded living conditions may cause more development . Eggs and young stages become trapped by brushing or vacuuming. Adult females lay eggs not only on host animals but also in plant debris, carpets etc., which subsequently hatch out the next generation of