How To Tell If Kitten Has Worms?

My cat has been peeing and pooing on the floor of his litter box for two days. He is also more lethargic than normal, but eats and drinks normally. What could be wrong?

Dr. Marie replied: I would recommend that you take him to your veterinarian immediately if he is not better by tomorrow morning. If you’d like some help with how to tell if a kitten has worms, please see this article: This page will describe what symptoms may indicate that your cat might have worms or other diseases in addition to diarrhea in cats (or at least in combination). It won’t give a step-by step guide for diagnosing these conditions though because there are numerous tests which must be done before even determining whether a diagnosis is correct – making it difficult enough with just one problem! In any case, I hope that your kitty feels much better soon! : ) …Read more