How To Tell If Kitten Is Boy Or Girl?

HOW TO TELL IF KITTEN IS A BOY OR GIRL? Do you want to know if your kitten is a boy or girl? If the answer is yes, then come on with this article all of you who are looking for information about sexing kittens. This article will give some useful information about handling male and female cats so that everyone can tell them apart. The first thing that we should learn here is how to distinguish male cats from females. Here comes some tips!

How To Tell Male Cats From Females: Female cat has longer hair than males do; females have flat faces rather than round one; they have thicker tails than males do; their voices are higher pitched than those of males Cat’s litter size With the help of her mammary glands, she can produce milk therefore having more litter size compared to him. Males’ litter sizes tend to be smaller but no less number when compared with both female and mixed-sexed litters. How much longer does he have? In general it takes 3 weeks after birth before a kitten gender becomes clear in terms of its genitalia development, which means that at least 2 months must pass between conception and birth for an accurate determination regarding the sex being made by ultrasound during pregnancy screening procedure