How To Tell If My Kitten Is Male Or Female?

Answer: Kittens are born without external genitalia, and they don’t develop them until 8-10 weeks of age. A male kitten has a penis and scrotum, while a female kitten has an incomplete vagina with only the opening to the urethra (pee hole). Females also have vulvas on their backs which can be mistaken for labia or nipples. Males do not have functional reproductive organs until puberty so you cannot tell if your kitten is male or female at birth. There is no test to determine gender except for ultrasound at 11-12 weeks of age and then again at 4 months old (for females) and 7 months old (for males). That will tell whether your kitten’s genitals look like those of a typical intact cat. What we recommend is that you wait until your cat reaches sexual maturity before determining its sex; otherwise neutering kittens younger than 12 weeks can cause problems later in life as some cats require surgery as adults due to incorrect anatomy resulting from early neutering procedures done incorrectly by inexperienced people who may not know how long it takes for all anatomic parts to develop properly following surgery performed too young. It’s best not let anyone neuter any pet under 2 years of age because there are risks that aren’t known about yet when animals are still developing sexually during this critical time period!