How To Tell If Your Kitten Has Worms?

How to tell if your kitten has worms? Q: My cat had a bad case of worms. I want to know what type of worm she had and how long it took her to get rid of them? I have treated her twice with wormers but the problem is not completely gone yet. She seems very active despite being lethargic, but still sheds hair excessively which must be because of the underlying issue. What would you recommend next? – anthony

A: Anthony, It sounds like your kitty was infected by roundworms or hookworms. If this is correct, then there are two things that need to occur in order for these worms to be eradicated completely from your kitty’s system. 1) Your vet needs to prescribe an oral medication that will kill off both types (roundworm and hookworm). 2) You need treatment for any external parasites (lice and fleas) in addition as well as internal parasites (parasites such as tapeworms). Once these issues are resolved, then we can safely assume that all trace evidence of the infection has been eliminated from your kitty’s body! Please make sure you ask all necessary questions about this before making any decisions on care given at home though! Also please do not try digging out eggs yourself; always call a vet when diagnosing parasite infections in pets! Good luck! Dr Callie Marshall

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