How To Tell If Your Kitten Is Blind?

One of the most common questions cat owners ask is, “how can I tell if my kitten is blind??” or in other words, “is my kitten sighted or blind?” Unfortunately for your new kitten there are no easy answers to this question. The fact that you do not know how many eyes a particular breed has does not help either. We do have some thoughts on this topic though which will hopefully shed some light on what it means when your kitten cannot see well enough to play with toys and learn how to use the litter box properly.

What Causes Blindness in Cats?

It’s quite rare for kittens born without any vision at all because blindness usually only occurs when eye development fails due to an inherited defect known as retinal dysplasia (RD). This results in one or more portions of the retina being missing causing partial degeneration of photoreceptor cells which ultimately lead to complete loss of visual function after several years. So remember all kittens are born with two sets of eyes! RD defects can be detected during prenatal development by using ultrasound technology so even if your vet sees nothing wrong during the examination they may order additional tests just in case since problems like these could crop up later down the road (and who knows where they might end up) at birth, shortly thereafter or possibly even later still before adulthood. Age-related causes include congenital glaucoma (which increases pressure within the eyeball), corneal ulcers , cataracts and catar