How To Tell If Your Kitten Is Gonna Have Long Hair?

You can always trim them if they grow too long. I had a cat that would scratch and claw at the carpet and furniture, and I had to keep trimming his fur. After about 3 years of this, we finally discovered he was getting matted from all the hair rubbing together on him! So stop it! 🙂

When should you shave your kitten?

I wouldn’t shave my kitten as soon as she’s born since she may want to play with her mother’s nipples (which will make some people squeamish). But around 2 months is good because she’ll start shedding off her old coat – which means you won’t have any hairballs in your house anymore. And don’t worry about doing it more than once or twice a week: It doesn’t hurt them much, but just be careful not to get their skin irritated by shaving too close. If you’re worried about getting cuts/bleeding while shaves, use an electric clipper first so there’s less chance of hurting yourself or having accidents during grooming!