How To Tell If Your Kitten Is Male Or Female?

Cat Behavior: What is a Kitten’s Personality Like? Cats are very independent animals, and many people find it very difficult to understand the personality of their kitten. This article will give you some insight on what kind of personality your cat has based upon its age, breed, and feeding habits. Cat Body Language: How Does Your Kitty Communicate with You? Some cats can use body language for communication purposes; other cats prefer using their purrsonal sounds for communicating with their loved ones. Here is how to tell if your feline friend uses these unique methods of communication to talk with you – or not! Cat Food Storage Containers: How Do I Keep My Pet Cat Safe from Salmonella? Salmonella can be easily transmitted through improperly stored dry pet foods (canned food does not pose this risk), fecal contamination in kitty litter boxes, contaminated food bowls/sinks/bathtubs which come into contact with raw meat or fish dishes – any place where bacteria may enter the home environment where pets live. Finding affordable cat food storage containers doesn’t have to mean compromising on safety! Our line up includes all kinds of durable pet containers that offer great protection against spoilage as well as mold-resistance due to antimicrobial technology used within each container material itself! The Best Tips Ever For Adopting A New Feline Friend Adoption is the best way to save an animal’s life even if they are already fixed & neutered OR spayed/ne