How To Tell If Your Kitten Is Pregnant?

So if your kitten is pregnant, she may show some of these signs:

She will stay close to the litter box. This means that she has had her litterbox for a while and thinks it’s safe. But don’t be fooled—she still needs to go outside! She eats less than usual. A mother cat can eat as much as 40% of her body weight during pregnancy, so it wouldn’t be surprising if your pet gained somewhere between 1 and 2 pounds during this time period. She will display more affection toward you than normal (although it may just look like an increase in sleepiness). This is probably because cats sleep about 10 hours out of 24, but they usually only nap for 15 minutes every three or four hours; now those 15 minutes are stretched out over all day long! Her belly may feel different from what you’re used to touching (it might even feel like “snow”). Your cat’s abdomen should feel soft and smooth-textured when she goes into labor; there shouldn’t be any lumps on or near the navel area. If this isn’t happening, then something else could be wrong with the pregnancy (and we’ll talk about that next!). It can also feel like snow due to all of fluids released by her womb at once trying to get out at once…so keep rubbing her tummy until this feeling goes away 😉 Her back legs might start acting funny from being sore from walking around so much throughout early pregnancy days. You