How To Tell Sex Of Kitten At 8 Weeks?

I am 8 weeks pregnant, and i have a kitten at home. He is an orange tabby with white spots on his chest and one spot on his head. There are also two black stripes on the spine of the back of him from neck to tail. One of my friends suggested that he might be a boy, because she thought that there was a distinct difference between male and female kittens when looking at them! She said they looked more cuddly than females do? That is all she has told me about it though….i would really appreciate some help as to what sex he possibly could be!!

What color eyes does your cat have?

My daughter’s 2 cats both have blue eyes…not sure if this will mean anything here but I want to know so I can explain why her male cat has been neutered by our vet after attacking another stray dog?? Is it viewed as more aggressive or dominant having blue eyes in dogs? We just wondered how common it is for males with blue/green/brown/etc colored vison to still be virgins…