How To Tell The Difference Between A Male And Female Kitten?

A: Female cats are larger than male cats. The female cat usually weighs 8-25 pounds, while the male is between 7-10 pounds. Females also have a longer muzzle or snout and more rounded ears compared to the males’ more slender muzzles and pointed ears. They tend to be calmer than males, especially when they’re kittens.

Q: How does one tell if their kitten has worms?

A: Kittens with intestinal parasites will often act lethargic or disoriented. Their stools may not be formed properly so that they appear “mushy” instead of hard like an adult cat’s stool would be (they will not typically eliminate solid waste). If you suspect your kitten has worms, it is best to take him/her into see your vet as soon as possible – this will allow for proper diagnosis and treatment of any underlying health problems that may exist alongside these parasites (i.e., dehydration, another parasite infection such as ringworm, etc.).

If you notice any signs whatsoever of having worms in your garden pet (such as vomiting), please contact us at the AnimalCare Center immediately! We do NOT treat garden pets without full veterinary care first!!

Q: My kitten won’t eat anything but Meow Mix! Is there something wrong?