How To Tell The Sex Of A Kitten At Two Weeks?

A: Occasionaly a kitten may be born with an undeveloped sex. It will not show until the kitten is older and its development has been completed. At eight weeks, if the kittens are very young, it should be possible to tell them apart by their appearance. The female generally has a longer body and legs than the male; however there are exceptions to this rule – especially in cats from Abyssinia where males have larger bodies than females even though they weigh less!

Q: Why do tortoiseshell cats have different patterns of colouring from those that carry only one sort of coat?

A: In all breeds of cat except those that carry just one colour pattern or colour-patterns (eg seal point), each individual animal carries three colours so as to produce a range of different shades within each breed’s main colour-pattern which together give the wide variety seen in domestic cats today. There is always going to be some variation within any breed due to variability between individuals within a litter but also because each cat contributes two colours – black and white – for every shade seen in many breeds e.g., tortie patches on tabby coats, amber eyes on blue eyed cats etc.. Some variations occur at birth when kittens start off carrying dark hair or light fur depending on gender which can give rise to stripes or spots/stripes later during life which does not affect how genetically related two animals are since both these occurrences depend entirely upon whether an