How To Tell What Gender A Kitten Is?

Check the mammary glands. Female cats have nipples and a sex-specific pair of tiny breasts called udders, while male cats have no nipples or udders. The easiest way to tell a female cat from a male is by looking at her tummy: female cats tend to have more rounded bellies, while males are more angular.

How do I get my cat to stop scratching furniture?

Scratching on soft surfaces such as couches and rugs can be indicative of anxiety. If your cat is scratching frequently in certain areas of the house, try adding some toys for him/her to play with that simulate those places you’d like her not to scratch, such as an empty cardboard box or shoe box covered with towels or trash bags (keep these out if there are small children in the home). Many household items make great scratchers because they’re hollowed out and easy for your kitty friend to dig into – watch how many she digs into before she scratches another one! You might also try rubbing rum onto his paws instead of using paper towels or cotton balls. Some cats prefer chewing rather than scratching so treat them accordingly with treats made especially for this purpose (such as chicken necks), available online here:

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