How To Test If A Kitten Is Blind?

Is there a way to tell if a cat is blind? Is it possible for cats not to be able to see well at all? If you have been wondering these questions, then this article will serve as your answer.

In the first place, you should know that kittens can’t see anything until they are about eight weeks old. This means that even though a kitten may seem very alert and aware of its surroundings at one point in time, chances are he cannot actually perceive the world around him yet. Unlike humans who start seeing from birth, cats rely on their sense of smell and hearing to help them navigate through the world around them once they begin growing up.

As such, many people ask whether or not there is any way for them to test if their kitty has been blinded by an accident or illness during life? The short answer is yes – but only after she hits two months old! Even so before this age most kittens stop being dependant solely on their sight and instead start making use of other senses like scenting where prey lies hidden among grasses and listening out for danger approaching from behind – which can lead them into harm’s path – especially when hunting food items like mice (which unlike rabbits make loud chirping noises). By this stage however most kittens already develop what vets call ‘proto-blepharospasm’ which basically makes some muscles relax while some others tense up causing involuntary movements in some parts of eyes resulting in