How To Toilet Train Your Kitten?

web: and If you can’t find your cat’s information on these sites, then go to the Internet Cat Video Festival website (, search for your cat’s name, and see if there is a video of him or her online by typing in “your cat’s name” in YouTube, such as “puppy clips,” etc., If it isn’t there I recommend that you let them know about their videos being posted on YouTube by emailing them at [email protected]

Q: Is it okay to use kitty litter training pad? Or should we just use paper ones?

A: Most people who are new to this think toilet training pads are only used for cats with toileting problems… but this is not true! Many owners keep their little boy cute kitten away from his litter box because they love the way he looks when he pees all over himself while playing outside or chasing mice everywhere…. toilet trained kittens are also more likely to be housebroken!!! This makes us feel better knowing that our dog will live happily without having accidents inside the house too!! The same goes for your puppy or kitten — don’t wait until she starts using her crate after being potty savvy indoors before giving her everything else she desires!!