How To Train A Kitten To Be A Mouser?

How to train a puppy to be a mouser?

How to train a kitten or cat to jump over things? I love books on training, but I hate the word “obedience”. It always makes me think of slaves and pigs! Dogs are not like that at all. They do what you ask them because they want it too. That’s how life works, right? You can’t make people do anything; you have to convince them that what you want is good for them (or in some cases it isn’t). But if something doesn’t seem fair or reasonable, then don’t bother trying. Begging does not work either; dogs don’t care about your feelings one way or another (unless there is food involved!). Your job as their owner is to get what YOU want out of this relationship by making sure they get enough exercise and play time so they keep learning new behaviors that will come in handy later on when you need them instead of getting into trouble by misbehaving again! How many times did we hear our parents tell us “You can’t believe everything she says…she just wants attention…isn’t she silly?! She never listens anyway…don’t do anything she tells you except obey her! Remember: obedience & respect = success!!! What kind of dog should I buy for my child? WHAT KIND OF DOG SHOULD YOU BUY FOR YOUR CHILD?? Are American Bull