How To Train A Kitten To Be Cuddly?

This is something that I found to be quite funny. It makes sense how to train a kitten to be cuddly for cat lovers, but it doesn’t make any sense at all for people who hate cats (so why would you want your kitty trained like this?).

How To Train A Kitten To Be Cuddly? Here are 4 steps on how to train a kitten into being cuddly: Step 1: Make the kitten feel secure in his new home by feeding him and playing with him. This will help build up trust between you two…and also because if the little guy runs away when he isn’t fed or played with enough, then he won’t have anything left in the house…and obviously, no one wants that! Step 2: After you have established trust and comfortability with each other through step one, start teaching him some basic commands such as ‘Sit’ and ‘Down.’ These commands will eventually translate into lap time later on…just hold out until he learns them! Step 3: When your kitty has learned these simple commands through step two, start working towards getting comfortable around humans even though they may not know exactly what it means yet. Start slowly bringing human food over so that they don’t get too scared of humans right off the bat. If done correctly they should still feel safe enough near their owner/sitter while enjoying their treats from far away! Step 4: