How To Train A Kitten To Pee And Poop Outside?

I want to train my kitten to feel at home outside and I want him/her to poop and pee on the spot where we put him/her. Can you tell me some tips?

Answer: Hi there! It all depends on what your goal is for this training, as well as how old your little friend is when you begin. If he’s very young (under 8 weeks), then there’s a good chance that many of his eliminations will be done in house, so it would be best not to take him out at all. He should learn that going out means potty time and leave any messes for you or other family members rather than spending the next day cleaning up after yourself or another pet cat who might have been using the same area as he was. In fact most cats are great about marking their territory by spraying urine from a distance, but most people don’t realize they can do this until they move into a new environment with new smells and an unfamiliar floor covering such as hardwood or tile floors etc.. Then it becomes necessary for them to go outdoors more often if they’re going to keep from having accidents around their own stuff which eventually creates a general sense of urgency in regards […]