How To Train A New Kitten?

I’ve got a 7 week old kitten who is already fully grown, but still very tiny. I found him in my back yard (he was obviously abandoned). He’s also been with me for two weeks now and he seems to be okay with my cats, but they’re not exactly sure what to do with him yet.

He likes being outside the house most of the time and sleeps in my bed at night. He’ll just sit there staring at you or following you around. Anyway, here are some things about him:

– No food/water bowl – If I put a dish out for him it disappears pretty quickly so I have no idea where he gets his water from..

– You can touch him anywhere on his body – It doesn’t seem like anything bad happens when you do this though? He doesn’t scratch or bite when touched…(and I’d think that if he did then it’d hurt) Usually when people pet their animals they get bitten or scratched by them right? So why would this happen with our new kitten? And how long will it last forever until we see any consequences of touching his body??!?