How To Wean A Stubborn Kitten?

“How to wean a stubborn kitten?” I asked, leaning over the desk. “Why, Mrs. Smith! You’re not going out of your way for this man are you? Why shouldn’t he use the telephone in his own house if it suits him? And what does he mean by his wife being sick anyway-that she can get well all at once because she wants to see me again-when she hasn’t seen me since Christmas day? He doesn’t want her here. It was her illness that sent him away after all! There is something fishy about this case and no mistake! And mother says that whenever there is anything queer about any one in my family, there always turns up dirt afterwards. Well then let us hear what it is-and mother will tell us when we go home tonight even though he happens to be our neighbor and has promised not to say anything until morning when I have had time to think things over myself first. But how much longer do you expect father will stay with Miss Hodge before I take possession of the office here again on Monday morning Mr…. Mr….? Oh yes, Mitchell said so himself when he came back last Saturday night for letters for Mrs.-Goodness knows who; but still they were addressed -Mr.-Mr.-Oh dear me, forgive my forgetfulness; I am running ahead of myself already instead of waiting for them like an ordinary person would