How Young Can You Declaw A Kitten?

Declawing is a surgical procedure that removes the claws from your cat’s front paws. While declawing can be performed on cats of any age, it is more effective when done early in life to minimize the risk of complications and possible pain for both you and your pet. Declawing should never be attempted on an adult cat. However, if you have a kitten who has been spayed or neutered then this surgery may be appropriate for your situation. In general, kittens less than six months old are not eligible for declawing because their bones are still too soft to support permanent removal of their claws without causing serious damage or pain to the kitten.

How much does declaw cost?

At our San Diego veterinary hospital we provide two different procedures: one called “de-clawed” which involves immediate amputation of all four limbs at a single time during a short surgical procedure while another called “phantom clawectomy” which involves removing only three nails leaving one remaining nail until it falls out naturally by itself 7-10 days later with no additional costs involved (this latter option will require further follow up visits with us once each year). We offer these options depending upon your needs such as whether you want to keep some toes attached or simply remove them altogether; how far back along in the limb they wish removed; and what kind of anesthesia requires is used (spinal or inhalant) based upon an accurate diagnosis made by our board certified veterinarian prior to surgery