In The Show The Lion Guard Was Kovu Still A Kitten When Him And Kion Met?

And the lion guard was not too happy about it.

The birchbark Berries were also introduced to Mufasa, who after eating them got into a tussle with his brother and then died from the poison that he ate. We never see this happen in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride , but we do hear Kion saying his name before he dies (seen here).

Kovu is now dead, meaning all of these events had to be cut out of The Lion Guard . In fact, almost everything has been cut out including Zira escaping from her cell and becoming a villainess again. All that remains of this plot is Kovu wanting revenge on Timon for accidentally killing him as well as Rafiki realizing that Nala was pregnant even though she’d already given birth to Kiara.