Kitten Spinning In Circles Why Petting?

My kitties love it and the people who come over love it. I will never let this go.

I have a cat that is very aggressive toward other animals, including dogs and birds on occasion, but loves to play with humans and other cats. When we first got her she was terrified of new things and would hide under my bed whenever I walked by with a broom or vacuum cleaner! After several months though she had no problems jumping onto the countertop for some treats or playing tug-o-war with rope toys. She now does both those activities as well as batting at my feet when they walk up to me either on their own or because I am petting her(which is almost always). She also loves going outside in our fenced back yard where there are plenty of rabbits around (and one dog), squirrels, birds etc., all which she gets into trouble with from time to time since most of them don’t care about what’s happening inside the fence lol.