Kitten Vaccines, How Old For Last Set?

I’m not making a choice because I don’t want the cat to get sick and die. It is so hard for me to make those choices, but what should I do?

– Dolly W., Houston, TX

ANSWER: This is indeed a tough question! We encourage all kitties to receive vaccines as soon as they are old enough (typically between 4-6 months of age). You can read here how important it is to vaccinate kittens against feline leukemia, feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV), panleukopenia/chlamydia and rhinotracheitis. Vaccinations also provide protection from toxoplasmosis and parasites like hookworms and roundworms. As an alternative or companion option we also recommend the use of Advantage Multi-Cat fixed vaccination series at 8 weeks of age along with general wellness care measures such as daily deworming using Frontline® Flea & Tick Control. If you decide that you still think it may be too late then please contact your local veterinarian for their recommendation regarding medical treatment for this problem; in most cases treating cats with severe diseases like FIV will require preventive supportive care via IV fluids plus antibiotics until full recovery can occur.