Kitten When You Have To Go To Work?

How about when you’re in charge of all the toys?

More than likely, your cat will be perfectly fine. While cats aren’t known for being particularly helpful with kids, they do learn to accommodate them and play nice when it comes time to clean up after a meal—or even just throw out some trash. But if you find that her lack of enthusiasm is affecting her ability to stay happy while she watches over your new family member or gets ready for work each day, then there are steps you can take. Here are a few things we recommend trying:

1.) Playtime! Cats love playing with other cats and kittens too much not to make an exception here. She may be more interested in watching over your child rather than interacting but if she has plenty of fun catching mice around the house or playing fetch with you every once in awhile she could get over this little bad habit pretty quickly. In fact, some studies show that having pet owners interact with their pets more often helps reduce stress levels during times of anxiety or depression which can have positive effects on children dealing with these types of situations as well! Spending quality time together is a win-win solution for everyone involved so why not give it a try?